Architectural project
  • Studio: ZROBIM architects
  • Architects: Matthew OlejnikovAndrus Bezdar
  • Location: Belarus, Minsk region, Dzerzhinsky district, village Yakuti
  • Area: 198 m2
  • Year: 2020

Project description

The aim of the project was to build on the living area above the existing plinth. The idea is to have two floors not connected by an internal staircase, to separate the master's living area from the basement, where the sauna and guest rooms are located, so the basement can be rented or being used as a guest floor or to spend time with friends. This division creates the most private areas between the master and common / guest floors.

It was desided to use a larch board in the facade decoration, which creates a monomaterial one-piece natural volume, since the house is located outside the city. The orientation was due to the gorgeous view of the valley, so the goal was to provide the main premises with a view of the valley, and to enhance the effect, it was decided to create a terrace for the first floor, which would become a canopy over the terrace of the basement, where the company plans to assemble.

The carport is connected both with the main entrance and with the exit to the terrace of the 1st floor, as well as a descent straight to the main entrance of the basement floor. Thus, you can easily and quickly get to any part of the house.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan

Explication of the plan
2nd floor plan

2nd floor plan

Explication of the plan

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